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  • Please use the OQRS on Club Log for XR0YD for direct and bureau requests,
    we don't need your QSL-card

For those who don't want to use the OQRS also can send their QSL card either directly to our QSL-Manager DL4SVA or via the German DARC bureau to DL4SVA.

  • Bureau: via DL4SVA
  • LoTW: will be activated 6 months after DXpedition
  • Direct: via DL4SVA SAE and postage return
    cash only - USD or EUR - PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT accept IRCs
  • DONATIONS ARE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED! This expedition isn't cheap.
  • Please do NOT ask for QSL on several ways!



Georg Tretow
P.O.Box 1114
D-23931 Grevesmuehlen

QSL policy

QSL cards will be printed within 8 weeks.

Priority 1
All early donors
with a minimum of 10 USD/EUR will be published on our homepage and will get a LoTW confirmation within one month after the end of the DXP. A paper QSL will automatically follow later first.

All direct OQRS requests will be answered then. They will get a fast LoTW too.

A fast LoTW only request is possible for 1 USD/EUR too.

Please don’t forget to clear up mistakes in the log after DXP to


Priority 2

Please include for direct letters 2 USD and SAE. No IRCs please.

Priority 3
6 months after finishing our DXpedition we start the free OQRS bureau QSL traffic and upload the complete log to LoTW.


QSL requests with insufficent return postage will be answered via the bureau.

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